Who We Are

Under 30 Changemakers (U30) is a community organization that provides emotional and professional support to young social innovators. We operate online and in Changemaker Chapters around the world. Changemakers use our community resources to take alternative life paths, ask our partners for what their business needs, and connect with likeminded peers. 

Under 30 Changemakers began as a community for young social impact leaders to find a peer support group for mental and emotional wellness. Our number one goal is to provide a safe space online to express yourself fully and authentically,  We offer a mix of emotional/mental wellness with support groups and professional development with education partners, mentorship, cross-member collaboration, and more. 

Our purpose is to provide a home for young Changemakers to grow into their full potential.


  • entor our Changemakers in transitional life stages, business operations, impact measurement, and more.
  • Organize, store, and freely share archives of work about important ideas in Startup Cities reform
  • Connect social impact and alternative education spaces to share their collective knowledge to build stronger models.
  • Train Changemakers in professional development and leadership skills.


  • Hold Peer Support Groups around topics like leadership, personal life,  and relationships 
  • Partner with alternative higher education programs, foundations, social hybrid nonprofits, and for-impact corporations.
  • Design and run events that equip our Changemakers with the skills they need to create or work for profitable and impact-efficient businesses.
  • Offer resources to create a new social impact business or re-purpose an old one into a social enterprise.


We strive to uphold these beliefs and values as a community and keep each other accountable for our own personal change. 

***Disclaimer: A New Yorker wrote this, and there is cursing.

We is greater than any I. We believe in collaboration. We strive to turn competitors into allies by practicing the Art of Social Aikido, using an enemy's strengths to your own advantage. We stand on a belief that the world is more similar than we are different and that our greatest challenges will never be solved by one person, one team, or one organization. 

Disagreement make us stronger as a collective force for change. We encourage respectful disagreement as much as possible for the opportunity to shift perspectives and expand our awareness of ourselves and the world. We offer tools for respectful disagreement and conflict resolution, such as Non-Violent Communication and Restorative Justice. 

Take responsibility for our words and actions as entirely our own. We can admit our own mistakes and work through our differences directly with the person we are disputing. 

Say "no" to assholes and don't be one. Life is too short to work with people who treat people poorly. The quality of people we choose to work with are important to the love we exude through what we offer the world.  There are no exceptions on this rule. 

Impact > Ego. We aren't looking to create something that is infinitely scalable to make lots of money and look good. We want to make a lasting positive change on the education, healthcare, poverty, the environment.

We live an intentional life on purpose. Every choice we make is considered for our own and collective benefit. We measure against our own standards to create the world we want to live in.