How to dress during winter

Winter is that time of the year when it frees but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to dressing down. You just need to get more creative with your fashion. Here are tips for you:

Layer up and get great boots

Layering is a functional way to dress when it is cold. Don’t be afraid to wear clothes on top of clothes; they won’t ruin your look. Look for a trendier piece to layer under so that you still look beautiful and cute. For instance, you can pair a vest over a sweater or under a trendier jacket. Also, get great boots. Practically let your boots steal the show anywhere you walk into. You can go for over-the-knee boots or killer ankle boots. Also, get a pair of fun boots.

Belt your coat and wear fur

Wearing a coat day in day out can become boring, but you can spice up your look by belting your coat. It will cinch your waist and make it seem like you are wearing a new coat. Look for coats with invisible buttons and pair with belts that have similar colours. A monochrome style is just perfect. Additionally, wear fur, even if it is faux. It helps to give your winter outfit this deluxe upgrade and make you feel expensive. If you have the money, treat yourself to some fur. However, you will still need a heater in rooms and offices to stay warm during the winter. You can read 247 home rescue reviews to know if they are a reputable company and how their boiler services can help you with keeping your home equipped for the winter. If your home insurance policy covers your property, they might be responsible to pay for your heater and boiler repairs. This is why you should read reviews about home insurance to know if you can trust them to cover for your home and property before opting for a policy with them.

Wear trendy hats and try out a lot of styles with scarves

Look for the winter hat you desire and rock it. Ensure it is something that looks lovely because it is the first thing people will notice about you. You can get something like a trendy bucket or classic beanie. Also, use your scarves to experiment a lot. Your scarf is both a layering piece and accessory, so use them to create vibrant styles. Choose different ones for different occasions.

Use bigger necklaces and don’t lose your rings

During winter, an elongated necklace with a chunky or solid look should be what you rock. Wear bracelets that are not heavy on your wrist, you have already layered up. Oversized curb chains will do. Also, ensure you don’t lose your rings while taking off your gloves. As such, opt for bolder rings that you can feel around your fingers so that you will not lose them. Ensure they appeal to a winter wardrobe.

Use stud earrings and brooches

Wearing drop earrings in winter can lead to them getting caught in your scarves or turtlenecks. Instead, wear stud earrings in the meantime. There are different varieties of stud earrings, so go shopping and find out the ones which fit you best. Also, try wearing brooches. Don’t miss out on this hot trend. Brooches can be used for different things; you can fix them to your scarves, wear them on your jackets, sweater sleeve or knit dress, etc. Ensure you choose a colour that blends with your outfit and a design that looks great. Remember to do you as well, as long as you are comfortable.