Our Partner Community Shares A Vision for Changemaker Empowerment 

Under 30 Changemakers partners with a network of for-profit and non-profit organizations committed to support the holistic development of our Changemakers.

Partner Organizations and the Mentors they provide are essential components of our program.  Through the use of technology for good, we are building a connected network of teams of young people empowered to make a difference, while being guided by a growing mentor network of teachers, counselors, service learning coordinators, youth program directors, volunteer corporate employees, parents and others skilled or trained in project-based learning and civic engagement.

In short, we work with organizations that:

  • Support youth ages 13-30
  • Focus on youth development, leadership and empowerment
  • Educate and train young people to succeed in the 21st century through connected and alternative learning environments
  • Support training for youth employment
  • Promote youth project-based service learning
  • Design and facilitate experiential learning in social entrepreneurship for Millennials

New 2017-2018 Partners

Thought for Food– TFF is a movement dedicated to tackling the global challenge of feeding 9+ billion people through bold, breakthrough solutions. We are so inspired by their commitment to global food security that we are referring members, co-promoting our annual Summits, and sharing stories of their challenge finalists.  






Partner Organizations

We love Partners who rebel against the status quo in their approach to social good. Our Mentor network is meant to offer support in professional growth, so our Changemakers can take on the world with the skills they need.

A Mentor provided by the Partner offers their expertise for 5 hours/month. The Mentor gets matched with a Changemaker by aligned goals and energies. We start with a noncommittal two week trial between Mentor and Mentee, then if it is successful we set up a three month period of Mentorship. It is up to the Mentor and Mentee to determine scheduling, session formats, homework, etc.

Benefits of joining our Community Partner network:

  • We shine a light on your organization!  We post your logo, mission statement, and full details of your Social Action Project(s) on our website for both crowdfunding opportunities and to share your team's digital stories of social change.
  • You and your organization get access to our other community partners and Changemaker Community on Facebook.
  • We build a long-term relationship with you, helping to support the work you are doing through your mentor-mentee relationship and provide collaborative connections with others working with youth finding solutions to world challenges.
  • When a Project is completed, we share the Team's Story of Social Impact on our Foundation Showcase to inspire and educate the global community.

If you would like more information on becoming a Partner Organization, please send us a message at u30change@gmail.com and include your name, title, email address, telephone and your organization's website address. 

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