Why Should I Update My Car?

A lot of people usually ask questions like: at what point is it appropriate to change one’s car? Which is better between getting a new car or upgrading the former one? However, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration before making a decision between getting a new car or updating the former. Of course, your financial status or budget is one of the tops on the list. There are people that make use of their car for a period of two to three years, before selling them off. Such a category of people sees a car as a luxury and can afford such a lifestyle. What they use the car for is another factor that determines when they change their car. Interestingly, not everyone can afford such luxury of changing cars for a new model as quickly as possible. In fact, the average time people keep their cars on the road has changed in recent years. A study by Time, reveals that the average age of a car on the road is 11 years. Well, you should expect varieties of newer models of cars to be produced in such a period, especially with better technological and aesthetic updates. Whilst we will be giving you reasons you should update your car, we advise you to read car parts companies reviews in order to make a well-informed decision.

Updating Your Car Makes Them Road Worthy

After using your car for a particular period of years, for instance, two years, they tend to lose part of its value and depreciate. Although the geographical location also plays a role in determining the durability of a car, yet there could be some damages that are beyond one’s control. Car owners should expect to see some wear and tear in their car parts as they continually make use of it. The rate of this wearing and tearing is even higher in countries with the bad or poor road network. In order to make the car more roadworthy, there is a need to update it with the latest car parts from trusted companies. For instance, mytyres have a wide range of tyres in their collection, which they claim to sell at reasonably priced rates.

To Get Latest Technological Features

If you are an avid car fan, you will get to notice new technological features added to the latest model of cars. These features are very important as they help drivers to make use of the car well enough. Unfortunately, drivers with older models won’t get to enjoy these features except they get a new one. However, they could still update their cars with some of these features like remote start, navigation, audio system with BlueTooth, heated seats, and a head-up display amongst others.

Safe Cost

As stated before, not everyone will be financially fit to afford a new car model. Getting your car updated with the latest technological features and other car parts is a great way of saving money. Interestingly, you get to decide which part of the car to update based on your present need. You don’t have to change your car seats when they are still looking strong and aesthetically glowing, or change your tyres when they are still road-pliable. This also helps you save cost on taxation which you might face when getting a new car. You could decide to do this till the time you think you’re financially fit to afford a better and new car.

Improve Safety

Most cars produced in recent times have features that can help improve driver’s safety while driving. For instance, it is observed that most cars produced from 2018 have rearview cameras. However, if your car does not have rearview cameras, you can update it by purchasing these cameras. Also, you can upgrade these rearview cameras for a newer version, especially those with an embedded colour LCD monitor.


Getting the latest car model sounds cool and fun if you have the purchasing power or you are giving them up for lease. However, the little you can do if you can’t afford a new car is to update your car. This will help improve its road worthiness, make it safe, while also making it have new technological features. You can even decide to give it a new look by painting it, to make it more attractive.